The Kutnu Throw Pillow Pink Blue Cream 35x50 cm*

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The KUTNU - Shahs' clothes' fabric on your table, on your bed...

In Eastern Turkey, some 4 or 5 ateliers still continue making that precious material on authentic methods, woving the silk and cotton by hand, can do only a maximum of 17 metres a day... Very less masters/makers remained, looks like soon to be fade out... Needs to be catched up before dissapears, just like an art piece.
As tradition doesn't fade away, the garment looks&feels as it has to be...

How to Produce?

Kutnu fabric, which is the fabric of the robe worn by the Sultans, is passed through seven stages until it reaches the consumer. The symbol of elegance woven from silk and cotton is shaped in Master hands until the dye of the yarn reaches the Iron.