The Buldan Bed Linen Set Mirage Blue

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N240X 220 / Ç270 X310 / 2X50X70 / 2XD50X70


The miracles of Tencel fabric are offered with the Esinti duvet cover set. Its texture, which circulates the air with natural eucalyptus fibers and ensures fast moisture transfer, prevents the formation of bacteria. Its smooth thread promises a soft, comfortable sleep. Are you ready to wake up to a very fresh morning with eucalyptus freshness?

The BULDAN - Alexander the Great clothing fabric

Can you imagine you cuddle in the precious texture in your cosy bed dressed with his favourite clothing fabrics... We have discovered that authentic atelier in Eastern Agean coast still producing that fabric in silence, and we believe it needs to get an applause for the greatest original making methods combining contemporary designs! Let the Great Alexander's favourite clothing dress your unique home...