Guava & Mint Lotion Candela

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Product details:

Use as a lotion after snuff out the candle.

Box dimensions:

10cm x 10cm

Product Dimensions:

3,5cm X 8,5cm - 225gr

Product material:

Butyrospermum parkii butter, theobroma cacao, helianthus anuus, persea americana, vitamin e, esential oils in pure copper with cotton wick


*The wooden spoon which is given with the candela can be used to get the lotion from vessel.                                                 

*Burn the lotion candle until the wax melted all the way across.                                                                                        *To prevent fire and serious injury, burn the candle within sight.                                                                                          *Trim the wick every time.                                                 

*Keep away from drafts and vibrations.                                  

* Never burn the candle near anything that can catch fire.                                              *Keep in a dry and cool place.                                         

*Don't burn for more than 3 hours at a time.                  

*The vessel is pure copper, so it can change the color over time, you can clean the copper with lemon juice.

Product Story:

In conjunction with candle and cream both feature minimalist, stylish, functional, balanced and elegant! Vegetable Candela, made with the oils of the plants collected in the right method at the right time and with raw copper and no chemicals in it, which have been carefully produced to the hands dealing with virginity for generations. Vibrant, fresh fragrance.. The reason why it is so popular is that it is refreshing, illuminating, and bringing the smell of Candela, or according to publications in PubMed, whether the guava and mint duo affect the hypothalamus region of the brain and give a feeling of fullness or not, of course.

Design Story

Goethe says "Nature! Creates extremely different things from the leanest material, each of Her creations has an essence of its own; each of her phenomena a special characterization but yet their diversity is in unity.”

Candela inspires from the unity and balance of natures. It shares the light within by passing it through a mature and diligent production process.

The creator says;

''As for me; that is the most beautiful period of my life as the result

of the hypnotic effect of candle light... 

I left my career as a medical director in the USA and Turkey suddenly after 11 years. I am happy that I can produce Candelas day and night with care as if I am doing for myself... I have finally found the opportunity to

run in the forest, swim in the sea and enjoy life.

It is a great chance for me that these candles, which I produce with high energy, light happiness, sadness and excitements of people in their lives. Don't we experience the same incidents in different periods of life eventually? I hope we can always create beautiful stories together with little damage.''