The Buldan Bed Linen Set Optik White

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N240X 220 / Ç270 X310 / 2X50X70 / 2XD50X70



Increasing the strength of the thread by inserting twists is one of the most significant techniques of thousands of years of weaving heritage. This technique created a climatic effect with the air channels between the twists, apart from the difference created in the appearance of the fabric. The comfortable texture of Bürümcük Duvet Cover Set stays cool during summer and warm during winter. The essence which this texture is based on, promises a pleasant sleep for thousands of years to come.

The BULDAN - Alexander the Great clothing fabric

Can you imagine you cuddle in the precious texture in your cosy bed dressed with his favourite clothing fabrics... We have discovered that authentic atelier in Eastern Agean coast still producing that fabric in silence, and we believe it needs to get an applause for the greatest original making methods combining contemporary designs! Let the Great Alexander's favourite clothing dress your unique home...